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Monday, March 16, 2015

Dress your Baby Like Spanish Baby

Are you a Spanish who live abroad or do you want to make your baby known Spain? Well, dress your baby like baby in Spanish will do. By that, you can still make your baby know their heritage and tradition. Or, you can also make your baby be familiar with other culture.

There are some boutiques that offer traditional Spanish baby and children’s clothing like Mariposa Children’s Boutique. Mariposa, the family business, is specializing in importing and selling traditional Spanish baby and children's clothing & accessories so that people outside Spain will know baby in Spanish dresses.

Not only by dressing our babies in the traditional Spanish baby’s clothing like the baby in Spanish, we can also make our babies aware of Spain by putting them some Spanish accessories on their clothing. For example, you can take a look at this Flamenco Spanish Dancing Infant Bodysuit.

Adorable for babies, this infant bodysuit will be perfect for newborn babies until babies in their twenty four months. Features 3 snap closures for easy diaper changes; the infant bodysuit also has the Flamenco Spanish dance picture on it. Not only featuring the closures, this infant bodysuit also has lap sleeve neckline for easy over-the-head changes. Made of soft ring spun cotton jersey, the Flamenco dance will make the babies aware of the haunting sounds of the Moorish Spanish Deserts.

The other infant bodysuit will be adorable to wear whenever the baby is having a special occasion with their grandmother. Amo Mi Madrina Body Suit is available in pink, green, blue, and white and is also made of soft ring spun cotton jersey. Also features 3 snap closure for easy diaper changes and lap sleeve neckline for easy over-the-head changes, the sentence “Amo Mi Madrina” means “I Love My Grandmother” that surely will make every grandmother to be happy seeing her grandkids in cute little bodysuit.

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