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Sunday, March 15, 2015

White Nursing Shoes... and Skechers

Benefits of a white nursing shoes such as less foot pain,less back pain,assist in balance,prevent spinal issues,reduce stress and discomfort. A nurse on the floor can spend 12 hours or more a day on their feet. Having uncomfortable shoes that don’t fit properly or offer enough support will not only leave you with aching feet, but more complex aches and pains in the legs and back. For instance, the soles are quite slippery or the material used is quite adding stress on your feet. Quintessentially, comfort is the topmost consideration when buying white nursing shoes.Prioritizing design and fashion over comfort would add distress to work. Since nurses are exposed to stressful situations it is best to make pamper yourself with comfortable shoes. One of the most popular brands in white nursing shoes for everyday wear is Skechers.

Now, the same comfort you find in your favorite pair can be found in this all white or white with navy trim nursing version known as the Skechers Women’s Premium-Premix Slip-On Sneaker. Comprised of 100% cotton and durable leather, the WorkWear Peacock Women’s Step In offers a lightweight outsole and breathable linings. A more popularly seen nurse’s shoe is the Women’s Nurse Mates DOVE Slip On Loafers. Made mostly of leather with a ruber slip-resistant sole, this shoe comes in a variety of colors you can pair with your favorite scrubs. Last, but certainly not least on our top ten women’s nursing shoe list is the Dansko Women’s Professional Box Leather Clog. Although you may not notice right away, this is slightly different than the Volley Box Leather Clog, as it features a 2″ heel and is only available in solid white or solid black, without any detail trim. Furthermore, this leather white nursing shoe has a PU outsole that is designed for maximum durability and shock absorption to keep your feet from aching after working long hours!

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