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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Newest Arm Candy Set

Make sure you don’t go without one of the biggest trends this summer, less is more is no longer the case, stack up your wrists and create the ultimate arm candy set or one of the other tons of ways of describing this ultra hot trend! Choose a base to get you started, a watch or a large cuff work well. Mix and match colours, textures, metals and sizes. Add in a friendship bracelet (or three) to add an on trend 90’s style and really take you back to your youth. The cost of the bracelets do not matter, don’t be afraid to mix values, from designer jewellery, fashion brands, high-street and even handmade jewellery. It’s all about trial and error, keep trying out different combinations till you think it works. There is no limit to how high your arm candy/party should go, just wear whatever feels comfortable to you and you’ll look great.

Timeless pieces, like an Hermes cuff or bangle, or anything from Chanel will serve you well. They may cost a lot, but you will have them for years to come and are worth the splurge. Save your money when it comes to the trendy stuff  cheapies will do just fine. Day to night arm candy is always right, and perfect for women at any age. Everyone needs a little arm candy whether you are teenage girl who wants to show off her latest fashion finds, or a working adult who wants to add something extra to your everyday look. Don’t be afraid to mix up your metals. I also have a set of bangles-one silver, one gold, one bronze and one rose gold - that I have in high rotation. So easy! You don’t need a set that matches though- anything in your arm candy set should work just as easily, so go for it and rock several types of metal!

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