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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review Film Animasi Jepang - Garden of Words (2013)

Judul: Garden of Words
Release: 2013
Reviewer: ciyuss.miapah
Download: N/A

Takao, who is training to become a shoemaker, skipped school and is sketching shoes in a Japanese-style garden. He meets a mysterious woman, Yukino, who is older than him. Then, without arranging the times, the two start to see each other again and again, but only on rainy days.

wuidihh, ini ajaib banget animasinya, apalagi pas animasi hujannya tuh
saking kerennya bahkan ane sering lupa kalau ini tuh film animasi
ceritanya juga nyess gitu yah, semacam 5 cm per second nih

RATE ANE : 8.5/10

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