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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Newborn Baby Boy Clothes Alternatives

You would think buying clothing for a baby would be quite simple – with so many cute and gorgeous outfits available these days, how can one go wrong?! But with a myriad of clothing designs and styles that are either practical time-savers or frustrating time-fizzers for parents, BellyBelly mum, Janelle set out to compile this very informative article, designed to help you with the task of your newborn baby boy clothes. When putting this information together, I gathered information straight from the experts – from mums and dads with new babies. As well as being based on my own experiences as a parent, I thought of what would have been useful to know, prior to buying clothes for my baby.

You’ll probably be asked to take several baby outfits with you into hospital if that is where you’ll be birthing your baby.

It’s a good idea to have a mixture of both 000’s and 0000’s to start with. How long they spend in each size really depends on how quickly your baby grows (and oh boy do they grow quickly!) but unless you have a premature or very small baby. Look for stretchy jumpsuits that button at the front, and tops with envelope necks that are easier to get over your baby’s head. Jumpsuits with zips also make dressing your baby quick and easy. It’s tricky to dress (and undress) an unsettled baby in something that’s difficult to get over the head, or that has a lot of buttons up the back. Newborn baby boy clothes should be soft, comfy and easy to take care of – you probably won’t have much spare time, so it’s best to avoid things that need hand washing and ironing. You're going to be sleep-deprived, it's a fact of new motherhood. In fact, by about the second night of diaper changes, you may find yourself lucky to hit just one snap let alone all three. And that's okay - cut yourself some slack.

this is kind of unique baby boy clothes newborn mock up~

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