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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cheapest Toddler Shoes According to Moms

As parents, what we want is something look good for our kid’s appearance. Good doesn’t mean expensive, otherwise cheap doesn’t mean always bad. If you are include parents who conscientious and careful of the stuffs that your kids wearing, you may check some place where to buy cheap toddler shoes below. These are the suggestion from Circleofmoms.com :

1. Mom Jana told us that Babies R Us has toddler shoes that are almost always on sale for 2 pair for $14.00. They have a very good type and their shoes are new (she read article that buying used toddler shoes are not good for their foot formation). She has also found some good and inexpensive shoes at J.C. Penney in the toddler department NOT the shoe department. Another thing just to think about, all shoes fit differently, so not all sizes will fit.

2. Mom Virginia and Collette agreed that Ebay is highly recommended for others mom to buy cheap toddler shoes.
 “Ebay! You'd be surprised how many new shoes are sold there, for much less. Otherwise Target and Wal-Mart usually have some good options.” She said that Nordstrom Rack also a great place for cute girls' shoes!
She said, “I agree!” She has bought tons of shoes from Ebay. She can usually find a "lot" of shoes in her baby's current size. Buying "lots" usually saves on shipping. Also, they sell some at Dollar General for about $5.”

3. Mom Alberta said that Sears is the best online store to buy cheap toddler shoes. They give coupon codes as well and she avail their codes many times and it always works for her. Visit http://www.couponpark.com/sears-coupons to find latest coupons to buy inexpensive toddler shoes from sears.

4. In Wal-mart! You’ll find a pair you like, if the price isn't right wait a few days and go back. The prices drop all the time! Very affordable.” Said mom Melissa

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