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Monday, March 9, 2015

Custom: Ironing on Transfer Papers

Do you like custom iron on transfers so much? Or are you a newbie in creating custom iron on transfers? If you are a newbie, it means that you have to know that the problem on the custom iron on transfer is usually on the use of transfer paper. Here, there are 10 tips you can use to avoid mistakes on using transfer paper.

1. Take time to set the paper correctly in your printer tray to print you paper on the right side.
2. Carefully cut around the image to make a good image of your design.
3. Iron your transfer paper in a flat surface so that the paper will attached well.
4. Don’t keep the iron still. There’ll be parts of your image which aren’t stuck down, if you don’t keep the iron moving while you’re fixing your transfer,
5. Print on mirror side for light color so that your image will appear in a wrong way round.
6. Remember to fix the image after removing the backing paper.
7. Make sure that your iron is really hot.  Switched off the steam if you use a stem iron.
8. Ironing with high pressure. The whole transfer process relies on pressure to make it works well. You must apply as much pressure as consciously you can get the best effect while moving the iron.
9. Make sure that every part of the image has been ironed. Leaving small parts of the image un-ironed is a common mistake on irregular or large images
10. Wash your garment after the printing has fully set. Do not wash the garment too soon after printing.

Remember; choose the right paper for the job. Light paper for light fabric and dark paper for black, navy blue and other dark fabrics. Now, you can try to make your iron on transfer effectively without any mistake. Happy designing!

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