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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Micro Link Hair Extension

Micro link hair or micro link hair extension is a newer invention in the hair addition field. This invention is a simple and tiny thread technique in which the extensions hair is applied to your natural hair by a looping mechanism. The process is quick and easy with no pulling or stress and no damage to your own hair. It is virtually undetectable and easy to apply. The removal is as quick and easy and also this hair system does not require heating or chemicals for attachment or for removal. To create micro link hair extensions which look and feel very natural. The attachments are ranked in different sizes ranging from bigger to smallest, and can be made so small that these extensions can be placed on difficult areas such as the top of the head. Many techniques allow for the hair to be reused after initial application, micro link hair extension only allows for about 40% of the hair to be reused. The attachments are so small that you will need to have a friend or a professional help you to get it out so you do not cut your own hair.

This method requires no heat or glue, which is great for your natural hair. The micro link hair extensions are attached to natural hair with a metal micro bead and a special micro bead hair extension tool. The micro bead is attaching your natural hair together with the hair extension. The metal bead is lined with a rubber on the interior of the bead to provide a cushion for your natural hair to prevent it from breaking off. The flat discrete micro bead lays flat so that once applied it camouflages into your hair. Depending on style desired micro bead hair extensions can have up to 200 individual bonds in your hair.

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